This page is kept for historical reasons, the Vectorpipe team is fully focused on mSurgery.

Our projects

In Vectorpipe, we develop great projects in collaboration with our valuable partners

Virtual reality operating room

In this project, we develop a virtual reality application capable of connecting an operating room with one or more doctors located in different places. This project allows the doctors to participate in the surgery by being virtually there just at the surgeon's side, assisting or learning from him. This could be the first step to changing the future of remote assistance and learning of surgery procedures.

  • Real-time streaming over a 5G network.
  • Immersive streaming video from the operating room to a web virtual reality application.
  • Augmented reality with medical devices' data for each intervention

Remote assistance in surgical procedures

This project aims to develop a web platform to allow surgeons to assist remotely other colleagues with less experience with some surgical procedures. The platform combines several video sources, medical device data, and the ability to point to elements in the video sources by using the draw strokes' functionality. All interaction between remote experts and the operating room team is in real-time.

  • Multiple video sources real-time streaming over 5G network
  • Full interaction between the assistant and assisted in a real-time communication using augmented reality
  • Joined visualization of video sources and medical device data for all participants in the surgical procedure.

Dental aligner platform

This web platform aims to ease the workflow of treatments and the communication between orthodontists and the aligner provider. It integrates different processes and features like a 3d dental model viewer that allows orthodontists, the aligner provider, and patients to visualize the treatment's steps and the possible result.

  • Management of the aligner treatments workflow.
  • Easy communication between the parts.
  • 3d dental model viewer using web technologies.

Immersive sports broadcasting over 5G

In this project, we test a new way of sports broadcasting and consumption. We develop a virtual reality application that allows users to select where to be virtually on the field (where was placed some 360 cameras), being their event producer. Shortly in the future, the audience will be able to be on the field near players, a side of the referees, or even in the dugout, all of this thanks to the immersive video streaming in real-time.

  • Broadcasting immersive video.
  • Sports consumption through virtual reality devices.
  • Low latency video streaming over 5G.

Holy week's augmented reality application

This is an awesome project developed using different technologies to recreate the processions. Were recorded some of the most important processions using 360 cameras in popular locations. With those records, we create a mobile application that allows to users enjoy the processions at any time of the year using augmented reality, just like they will be there at the moment. The main challenge here was to get the precise location and orientation of the mobile and deal with the cameras' FOV to achieve the perfect fit between the buildings in the videos and the real buildings.

  • Augmented reality with immersive videos.
  • Perfect fit between reality and 360 video elements.
  • Edge computing architecture to provide high data transfer.

5GStadium-Immersive reality

This proof-of-concept project aimed to recreate a virtual visit in real-time to Camp Nou. 5G technology was used to send the video streams obtained with 360 cameras from the sports venue to the Telefónica stand at the MWC. Wired virtual reality glasses (Oculus Rift model) were used in this project.

  • 360 video streaming over 5g network.