This page is kept for historical reasons, the Vectorpipe team is fully focused on mSurgery.

About us

In Vectorpipe, we are committed to developing tech products with a high impact on the digital transformation of society.

The company

The startup was founded aimed to create valuable applications for the healthcare sector. Hence, research and innovation are deep-seated in our DNA. Our main goal is to develop high-tech applications that can improve medical assistance, and the healthcare process, and contribute to medical training.

Also, we are open to developing and collaborating on R&D projects outside the healthcare sector to create knowledge and products to help to move forward society in general.

Our team

We promote and encourage creativity, self-management, and commitment to the team. Our team is made of highly talented people with technical and business knowledge. The key players have extensive experience in different areas of computer sciences, highlighting software engineering, real-time streaming, 5G, extended reality, and artificial intelligence. We have members with experience in different fields such as healthcare, real estate, tourism, retail, and fashion. Those experiences contribute to the team's global vision, and to explore techniques and solutions of other fields that could be ported to the healthcare sector.


Join our team

If you are looking for new career opportunities, don't hesitate to contact us. We are always open to adding new talent to our team.